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We've worked very hard to earn the trust and respect of our clients in the North Shoreline area and the surrounding community. We treat all of our clients as family and as a result they're awarded us some of the best reviews. We're proud to display those reviews here for you to read. Customer service is always out top priority, if you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed please Contact us here.

Elise Von Koschembahr


I am the lucky customer of the Cleaning Valkyries - I have been their customer almost since they formed their Cleaning Company! They are THE BEST - reliable and SO committed to keeping my home immaculate - they come every other week; and it is a joy to welcome them - and to have their professional attention every single time! I call each and every one of them my Cleaning Angels - so be sure to sign on with them and enjoy having a house that sparkles!


Pamela P.

Cleaning for a Reason

Thank you to the lovely ladies that came to my house and did an amazing job! You gave of your time to help me have a very clean house so that would be one less thing for me to worry about. You have the best attitudes in the world and I wish more people in the world were more like you. Having cancer does not let me be as active as I used to be, and doing housework becomes even more of a chore. Cleaning for a Reason is such a good Charity and I could not imagine a better way to give back to your community!

Kerstin B.


The Cleaning Valkyries did it again! They made this kitchen sparkle. We hired the Valkyries to clean this kitchen in preparation for going on the market this week. Buyers are gonna love it! Thank you Christy + team!

Brooks & Heinze (Seattle Real Estate Team)

Kerstin B.

Sparkling Clean!

I referred The Cleaning Valkyries to one of my clients (I am a real estate agent) to get his home ready of the market. The house had been a rental property for a few years and really needed a thorough cleaning. The house sparkles!

J.T. Chambers

Fantastic Service

Christy Lewis is the the best, the greenest, the friendliest and must-trustworthy cleaning business owner I know - and I've gone through a few. The Cleaning Valkyries have earned my business for life and I just wanted to say thank you - I hope people take notice because you all are amazing!!

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